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About Us

DURGA BONDCHEM PVT LTD is an Indian Construction Chemicals Manufacturing Company having its operations in various parts in India. We have our corporate office at Vadodara, India.

We are presently taken a new direction into manufacturing of high performance & superior quality synthetic iron oxide pigments in India. We have been selling of different Inorganic based iron oxide pigments, constructions chemicals, speciality chemicals, natural ores & oxides and also developing different types of chemicals since the last couple of years.

We cater our business in the domestic market as well as also started our business expansion in the International market too by maintaining & supplying quality goods where our group name is associated with “Brilliance in Power”. Our group is right now also into selling a range of colour of high quality synthetic iron oxide pigments where our colour is related to reliance & assurance. Our excellent pigment grades, brilliant quality products, reasonable price and imaginative clients fulfilment have been facilitated us to offer colour iron oxides & chemicals in the regular subsequent applications like paver, tiles, flooring, paints, plastics, ceramics, coating, inks, cement , master batches, building & construction etc.

We are a technology-focused company, with excellent quality & consistency that are corresponding to the major international grades in Iron Oxide Pigments; we are quality & technology-based company; we are striving to complete the fundamental customer requirements and also have been provided the best customer service. Our Technical team has developed superior quality of pigments by applying the latest sophisticated technology and pure functional chemistry and also consistently searching to produce latest newer colour module for all applications. Our cutting age pigments, top-notch quality products, reasonable pricing and customer centric solutions have enabled us to make available into several applications. We are dealing our products with an excellence and no difference in quality as a Brand name of “ABROX”.

Our Vision : To be one of the top player in Pigments industry with the help of technical support and by the use of latest sophisticated technology that can ensure us the best quality and maximum productivity with a degree of consistency.




Technical Team

We have a fully equipped in house Q.C. Lab and R&D department which are controlled by the Managers, qualified Research Scientists who are also assisted by the Chemists. The Lab has all the testing facilities of colour pigments with the help of sophisticated instruments like Spectrophotometers, Karl Fischer, Vibro shaker, Digital Muller, Conductivity meter, Digital Furnace, Metler Balance, Hegman Gauge, that can perform a very important role to assess or measure  the quality. Our R&D people are always engaged in the committed Research works for producing the quality goods by applying their analytical problem solving skills along with the latest technology and product up gradation. Our main objectives are to supply the quality goods as per the laid down specifications agreed by the customers within a specified date and time.

Manufacturing Unit

Our production units are in Por, GIDC, Vadodara; one of the major industrial parts in the State of Gujarat located 415 kms from Mumbai. The industrial estate is well connected to Railways and National Highways. Continuous & uninterrupted utility services play a important role to keep on the production and match its objectives &target volume within a specified schedule date & time. The production units consist of high skill small tools & heavy machines.

Our Management

The Patel Brothers and few innovative, positive technical guys are the main strength of this group, by using united business minded philosophy and innovative skilled have been come out successfully as one of the good player of color in India. Everyone of this management are constantly using their best effort and thinking to grow few competent people in this team who are now the core of success.

Now the company has so many well knowledgeable and technically sound persons in the management who are working under the reliance & assurance of this company and they are fully concentrated to increase the development of the company both in mechanical & technological support and the commercial aspects too by means of their problem solving skill and knowledge. The team has now working as a unit with the applications of their highly industrial skill and technical capacity. The group is now fully vertical on the backbone of these highly qualified professionals and their mission & vision.

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